facial-asymmetry-correction-los-angelesSymmetrical faces have long been associated with physical attractiveness and beauty. Understandably, some people feel uncomfortable about their faces being asymmetrical. But the truth is that the majority of us have asymmetrical faces with varying degrees of severity. Facial asymmetry is a topic people are intrigued by because it can completely change the way a person’s face looks and functions.

The jaw specialists at the Los Angeles Jaw Surgery Center of Excellence are highly skilled in treating facial asymmetry issues and perform asymmetrical face corrections with excellent results.

Facial Asymmetry Causes

Facial asymmetry occurs when the central line of the face is not straight and each side of the face looks different. It can involve the jaw line and other features of the face differing. Usually, the condition is not noticeable, though it depends on the degree of asymmetry.

Facial asymmetry is most commonly influenced by jaw problems and their abnormal growth. Certain hormones like testosterone and estrogen are also thought to influence how one’s face develops when going through puberty and aging. In addition, people may also be born with asymmetrical facial problems. Seldom, irregularities in one’s face may also be caused by problems with teeth, but dental treatments can correct these issues.

Facial Asymmetry Treatment and Facial Asymmetry Surgery

There are a number of methods for correcting facial asymmetry. A jaw specialist at the Los Angeles Jaw Surgery Center of Excellence can use facial asymmetry surgery to correct problems with the jaw associated with an asymmetrical face. Sometimes, the jaw does not properly grow or overgrows, resulting in a multitude of problems. These problems can influence how a person speaks, chews, bites, eats and even breathes.

Candidates for facial asymmetry surgery need corrections in their teeth to fix issues with bite. Orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) is an excellent option for those looking to fix issues with the jaw’s malformation. Surgery can create a more symmetrical face while correcting issues with eating, breathing and speaking. During orthognathic surgery, the facial bones and teeth are repositioned to create more balance and allow the jaw to function properly.

Facial imbalances from the lower and upper jaw make one’s ability to perform normal functions very difficult. Therefore, during surgery the lower jaw or upper jaw may be brought forward or pushed backward depending on the case. Incisions are made in one’s mouth so no scars are visible. Once the jaws are repositioned, a person can move his or her mouth and jaw area freely. Bone can be added or removed from the lower or upper jaw to create more facial symmetry.

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