Modern plastic surgery is continually improving through enhanced technology and appealing to more and more women all over the world. The population needs to take heed, as any procedure not done properly or not done by a trained surgeon cannot guarantee safe results.  A procedure called “double jaw surgery” promising cosmetic enhancement to those who undergo treatment, is leaving Korean women with physical troubles they did not have before the surgery.

Doing thorough research as you are considering an operation such as double jaw surgery is of the utmost importance. Reputable surgeons and specialists will recommend proper operations and provide top quality before and after care guaranteeing your safety and comfort.

What is Double Jaw Surgery?

Double-jaw surgery is a bone-cutting procedure that realigns your top and bottom jaw correcting for excessive over or underbites in cases where people are unable to chew properly, or cases of facial deformities. Initially, double jaw surgery was solely a medically prescribed oral surgery, but now it is commonly performed for plastic surgery purposes. This corrective procedure has been performed on a high number of women in South Korea in hopes of achieving a face of ideal feminine beauty.  A cultural emphasis for women to possess a small face with V-shaped chin and jaw line is upheld in tradition, making Korean double jaw surgery the current most fad in beauty treatments.

While many Korean celebrities and socialites have gone on television or posed on billboards promoting double jaw surgery as “life changing,” the results are not always as advertised.  Many women who undergo cosmetic double jaw surgery in Korea report extensive healing periods followed by chronic jaw pain, facial numbness, a skewed mouth or a new inability to chew or smile. Are these post-treatment maladies worth the risk of undergoing a radical procedure to look pretty? Many women think it is, demanding intercultural discourse on the current nature of double jaw surgery in Korea.

Safe Double Jaw Surgery

Many cosmetic procedures have been tried and perfected over the years, minimizing potential risks with advanced technology and practice.  Anyone signing up for any procedure should fully understand the surgical process and health implications of the operation before proceeding with any surgery. Patients need to find an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon who is available to provide exceptional treatment with minimal risk and side effects.

Double Jaw Surgery in Los Angeles

Double jaw surgery is a standard medical procedure intended to correct an unaligned upper and lower jaw. This type of surgery has been performed on many patients seeking genuine jaw treatment, with outstanding results at the Jaw Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, California. The professionals on staff are expertly trained specialists who would never recommend or perform an unnecessary double jaw surgery on our patients. Since becoming educated about a procedure you may be considering is crucial, the surgical specialists from the Jaw Surgery Center of Excellence encourage you to contact our outpatient surgery center to learn more.

For more information on double jaw surgery, and to determine if it is the right decision for you, please call us at (888) 391-3219 or fill out our online contact form.

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